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"She's the real deal!"
Michael Harrison

"Her ability to perform a group healing, in person, or over the air is documented as  "one of the best."

If you are interested in Tera Mai:
          Please ask to witness healing demonstration before taking classes from any prospective instructor.  Buddha's Tera Mai standards  only cover initiation principles.  It is left up to each healer and instructor to maintain personal integrity and honesty.   If any instructor from any discipline is unable to facilitate healings, the likelihood of him or her initiating you into Universal Healing Energies from God, or teaching you how to heal is nil to none ! ! !   

Our Bodies are NOT Supposed to Age
-   Scientists canNOT understand why our bodies stop repairing and regenerating.
-   In the Old Testament people lived in a healthy way to be 120 years and older.  (Read the Bible for yourself.)
-   It's NOT that we are supposed to live forever.
-   However, we are supposed to live with youthful bodies throughout each lifetime.
-   Because tremendous amounts of darkness have been released through the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, it is easier for intuitives to see the source of the problem.
-   On the etheric planes this Dark Age that we have been living in has created blockages, implants, detours and chains.
 Aging occurs on the etheric planes by a black 'aging' disk in the second chakra (Creative Chakra). 
-   ANYTHING on the etheric plane impacts the physical plane ! ! !
-   The black aging disk maybe pulled out by a healer who is channeling enough Universal Healing Energy from God.
-   It is pulled out first through the front second chakra and then the back second chakra.
This black disk has taken the place of a Pyramid of Light, which connects us to The Creator (or God / Goddess).
-   The Pyramid of Light may be found in the energy field (aura) beneath the feet.
-   The Pyramid of Light has been turned upside-down, and is being pushed down by a solid black pyramid that is preventing the Pyramid of Light from coming into the body.
-   A healer removes the black pyramid.
-   Then the Pyramid of Light uprights and rises into the body.
-   Positive results will be felt in the physical body within 24 hours.
-  Connect with this pyramid of Light in meditation, or call upon Heavenly Father & Heavenly Mother to clear, heal and repair.  
-  You may also pray to God just before going to sleep and visualize the pyramid.
-  There may also be demons attached to the implants.  Simply ask God's Angels to surround them in cobalt blue and gold and send them down to Earth's central fire.  If they are to go elsewhere, the Angels will take care of it.
-  You might also ask God's Angels to remove any and all black-demonic DNA, RNA and reside, as well as any black, demonic and inappropriate contracts.  And send it all down to Earth's central fire for transformation.  Then ask God's Angels to fill in the voids with appropriate Divine, Heavenly and Angelic energies.

(When I worked with Maria Kopsidas, we found the black aging disk.  When I worked with Ramona Kirk, we found the 2 pyramids.) 
Always remember to ask the Angels to send whatever darkness is released on the etheric planes down to Earth's central fire for transformation.  If the Angels have another destination in mind, they will take care of it.  Otherwise, negativity that is released may just sit in the energy field.   I show you how to do this on the video.  

Make Your Own Connection With God     
Your brain  has to be quiet in order to receive ideas, creativity, answers and to connect to God.  
When you are not thinking, rest your consciousness in your heart and feel the love.
In meditation release mental chatter and worries to God.

Healing the body through God's Intervention through the energy field
(from Ramona Kirk):
God / Goddess, please send Your Gold, Your Silver and Your Platinum into my energy field, and into the gold in my energy field, into my crown (top of head) and down my spine.  
-   In meditation watch and see what happens.  Leave your expectations behind.  You will receive what you need.  

You may also do this for others.  After you say the prayer, close your eyes and watch and see what happens.
God, please send Your Gold, Your Silver and Your Platinum into  ________'s  energy field, and into the gold in _______'s energy field, into _______'s  crown (top of head) and down ______'s  spine.

-   You may also do this for the Earth.  Earth's spine appears to be from the North to the South Poles.   After you say the prayer, close your eyes and watch and see what happens.
God, please send Your Gold, Your Silver and Your Platinum into Earth's energy field, and into the gold in Earth's energy field, into the North Pole and through Earth's core to the South Pole.  If this is Thine Will and it is in accordance with Universal Law, so must it be done.

Make Connections to God's Angels:
Get into a prayer or meditation state.  If thoughts come in, breathe them away.  Your heart will open.  Then one at a time, focus on each of the 4 directions, and say the invocation to the Angel.  Then pause in silence.  If visuals come in, enjoy them. 
EAST:  Raphael, Raphael, Raphael, Angel of the Sun!  Please enter my solar center and bring the fire of life to my whole body.
SOUTH:  Sachiel, Sachiel, Sachiel, Angel of Water!  Please enter my blood and bring the waters of life to my whole body.
WEST Michael, Michael, Michael, Angel of Earth!  Please enter my organs, glands and tissues of regeneration and regenerate my whole body.
NORTH:  Amuel, Amuel, Amuel, Angel of Air!  Please enter my lungs and bring the air of life to my whole body.
CENTER:  Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel, Angel of Life!  Enter my limbs and bring health, strength and homeostasis to my whole body.

Protection - 4 simple ways to protect:  
1.    If you, or a loved one, or your business, et cetera, is under constant attack, and clearings do not seem to help.  In such cases ask,  'God, please, so as they think it is OK for them to violate my rights, so too, take their rights and whatever power they are using to do this away from them.  Whatever belongs to The Light, return it to The Light; send whatever is dark down to the central fire.   If this is Thine Will and it is in accordance with Universal Law, so must it be done.'
2.    The Seamless Golden Bubble of Protection   also helps to protect us, and it helps us to make our own connection to Heaven and earth.
3.   God, please remove all mental and emotional baggage, which belongs to others, from me.  
4.    God, please, if it is Your Will please pull the darkness out of me, and may the dark continue calling itself back to itself.  If this is Thine Will and it is in accordance with Universal Law, so must it be done.
You may also do this for others and for Earth.

Angelic Number Sequence for Cleansing, Clearing & Protection:

As Earth's energy is moving up into the Golden Age, it is increasingly easier to connect with and work with the Angels.

Below is an Angelic number sequence for clearing, healing and protection, which may be used by anyone.  The first number is eleven.  The consecutive numbers are unusual in that the first two numbers equal the sum of the last one or two numbers.   Simply call upon the Angels and the Angelic Number Sequence for clearing, cleansing and protection.  Then repeat the following number progression, and ask God / Goddess and the Angels to help you with whatever is going on.  It is amazingly effective.  

11     (eleven)
112  (one-hundred and twelve)
224  (two-hundred and twenty-four)
336  (three-hundred and thirty-six)
448  (four-hundred and forty-eight)
5,510  (five-thousand, five-hundred and ten)
6,612  (six-thousand, six-hundred and twelve)
7,714  (seven-thousand, seven-hundred and fourteen)
8,816  (eight-thousand, eight-hundred and sixteen)
9,918  (nine-thousand, nine-hundred and eighteen)

Some symbols may also be used for clearing and healing: 

More information and other symbols may be found on:

Double CHO KU RAYs that get smaller were included in the Reiki materials Margarette Shelton gave me.  Before I started teaching Reiki in 1990, I dug out Margarette's handouts and practiced.

Cho Ku Rays are energizers only and have no specific meaning.  
Cho Ku Rays may be used to energize other symbols.  Think of the energy created by spinning Sufis or the Shamanic technique of spiraling arms in and out over an accident victim.  (Ama Deus and other Shamanic techniques are included in Tera, My Journey Home and Becoming a Shaman.)

The original Reiki Alliance initiations that Takata handed down only included the counterclockwise Cho Ku Ray that got smaller.

Double CHO KU RAYs that get bigger were included by Buddha for use in Tera Mai Seichem.  It works better to draw the ones that get smaller first and then the ones that get bigger.

The CHO KU RAYs that get smaller seem to focus in on a particular aspect or core issue.  The CHO KU RAYs that get bigger see the whole picture.

When used together, all 4 CHO KU RAYs help symbols to get at an issue from all sides.

Using the coned fingers of both hands to draw symbols creates more energy.  The following two symbols may be energized with Cho Ku Rays in the following sequence:  CHO KU RAYs that get smaller, AS ABOVE SO BELOW, CHO KU RAYs that get bigger, DIAMOND of THE GODDESS.

Together these two symbols, AS ABOVE SO BELOW and DIAMOND of THE GODDESS, help to manifest Heaven on Earth through the compassion of The Goddess.   
AS ABOVE SO BELOW is a powerful symbol for manifestation and grounding The Creators plan for Earth.  It was channeled to Melanie of England by the red Angel, Amariel.  As you draw the circle and lines of the symbol, say, 'As above, so below.'
1.  Beginning at the top of the circle, draw the circle counterclockwise 
2.  Draw the 'V' at the top.
3.  Draw the verticle line.
4.  Draw the horizontal line.
5.  Draw the 'V' at the bottom.

DIAMOND of THE GODDESS manifests The Pure Energies of The Goddess.  (As the Bible states that we are all created in God's image, that means that there is a feminine aspect to The Creator.)  The Goddess works closely with the Earth.  (Scientists have discovered that anything that has DNA has consciousness.)  

1.  Draw the diamond from the bottom in a counterclockwise direction.  Say, 'Diamond of The Goddess,' 3 times, as you are drawing the symbol.
2.  Draw 'V's' simultaneously with coned fingers of both hands, saying, 'Above, Below.'
3.  Draw the circle clockwise saying, 'Within.'

This symbol was brought in by Franky of Belgium.

The symbol, TO RELEASE CANCER, was given to me by Margaret Oakden.  A man, whom we will call -M- had cancer and was given 8 days to live by his doctors.  Three years later, he attributes his healing to the Tera Mai healer, Margaret Oakden, and this symbol. 

TO RELEASE CANCER may be found on the link,, TERA MAI SYMBOLS, on my website   Instructions on how healers might use the symbol is on my website and what to look for is included.  Additional information may be found at the very end of this topic, New Healing Techniques - God Designed Our Bodies To Regenerate.

          Yes, this is my symbol that Kathleen endorsed way back at her first visit at Jo's house.  It came about when -x- was diagnosed with cancer.  The symbol came to me in broad daylight, hovering in front of me.  At first, it was a jewel-like red and then turned to gold.  At the same time I became aware of it, two white doves appeared and settled on the windowsill, remaining there until the symbol faded.
           I checked the symbol out with Brenda, as I was not sure if I could use it or not.  She felt cold as I was telling her about it, and thought that it was for me only.  However, I felt really strongly that it must be for everyone, hence me checking it out with Kathleen.
           I used it for -x- at a healing session with -B-.  We placed her name within my healing crystal, placed the symbol on it, and to our amazement the whole crystal turned bright green.  -x- is fully recovered.  I used it on -M- and he is still alive 3 years after being told he had 8 days to live.  I am happy that the symbol is being used, as I feel it was given to me by a Higher Source.
Margaret Oakden, England

-  As Ramona and myself specifically energized the symbol, TO RELEASE CANCER, on my website for 1 1/2 hours during the March 20, Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, you might consider printing out the symbol on my website.  
           -   To accomplish this, open up a new email.  

           -   Then go to my website,  (It's a free and easily accessible site)  Click on TERA MAI SYMBOLS  
           -   Scroll down and click on the symbol,  TO RELEASE CANCER,  and hold the clicker down.  While you are holding the clicker down, drag the symbol to the blank email you just created.  
           -   Print out the email.  Cut the paper down to size, and place the symbol, TO RELEASE CANCER, on a clear quartz crystal.
           -  Further information may be found at the end of this topic, New Healing Techniques - God Designed Our Bodies to Regenerate.

Dragons have NEVER existed on the physical Earth plane ! ! !  
Dragons, as well as other mythical creatures, do exist on the Spiritual planes and are available to help us in our Shamanic Journeywork 
Scroll further down to read more about Shamanic journeywork and how this has been a Spiritual Practice used by the Jewish Essenes and other Spiritual groups.  (Jesus was an Essene Jew.)

How to use the symbols, FIRE DRAGON & MARA, for others:
MARA & FIRE DRAGON are found in my book, Reiki & Other Ways of Healing. 
(available through Barnes & Noble)
MARA and FIRE DRAGON are on my website under the link,  TERA MAI SYMBOLS
There is additional information and directions in Rachael Ingram's letter below.

-   Draw the symbols (FIRE DRAGON once into the spine and draw MARA on the soles of the feet.  
-   Then push the gold that is created into the healee's spine with the help of the Angels.
-   Push the gold in the healee's spine into the healee's timeline - past, present and future.
-   Ask the healee what's happening.  Then look with your mind's eye.
-   Clear away all darkness that the healee and you feel or see.
-   Do this whole procedure two more times.
-    Then draw these same symbols.  Give them to the Angels, and ask the Angels to clear the individual's Dragon(s).
-  Do this two more times.  Each time, the Dragon(s) will become clearer, bigger and stronger.  The individual will find that he or she has more energy.
-   Our Dragons are our connection to Holy Spirit, and they become stronger when we open and follow our hearts, do good works, follow our conscience, et cetera.

Each person of the Light (and also evolved animals) has an Earth Dragon.  
-   If the healee is also channeling Universal Healing Energy from the elemental rays of fire, air and/or water (which originate from God), that person will also have a Fire Dragon, Air Dragon and/or Water Dragon.
-   People may call on their personal Dragons for help.
-   Dragons are NOT able to do everything.  BUT they are fast and proficient when asked to do things that they are able to do.
-   EXCEPT FOR demons, black magicians and 'evil doers,' who do not have any Dragons or the Pyramid of Light.  By their own actions demons and black magicians have turned their backs on God and driven God's Light out of themselves.
-   Should someone be foolish enough to ask a Dragon to do evil, the evil will be returned to the one who requested evil.
-   Dragons come from Holy Spirit and Holy Spirit will not work against God and Goddess or Divine Will.  (Abraham Lincoln said it best, 'A house divided against itself cannot stand.')

FIRE DRAGON & MARA for personal use:
-   If you want to use the symbols on yourself, see yourself in your mind's eye:  
           -   Draw FIRE DRAGON & MARA with both your physical and etheric hands.  Then give the symbols to the Angels.  Ask the Angels to place FIRE DRAGON into your spine and MARA on each of your feet.  Watch and see what happens.  (Do this 3 times.)
           -   Then draw FIRE DRAGON & MARA again to clear your personal Dragon(s).  Give the symbols to the Angels.  Watch and see what happens.  (Do this 3 times.)  Your Dragons become bigger and more colorful each time.
-   Draw FIRE DRAGON & MARA to clear your timeline - past, present and future.  Your Dragon(s) will help you do this if you ask for their help.  (Do this 3 times.)
-    You may call upon your Dragons to help you when you do Shamanic Journeywork.  (Even ride on them.)
-   You may call upon your Dragons to help with any personal matter.  If they are able to do so, they will come. 
-   Remember to include the phrase, 'cause NO harm,' or 'according to God's Will and Plan,' when working with your Dragon(s).

FIRE DRAGON & MARA for clearing the Earth: 
-   Draw FIRE DRAGON & MARA with both your physical and etheric hands.  Then give the symbols to the Angels and Earth's Dragons.  
-   Ask the Angels to place FIRE DRAGON into the North Pole and down through the core to the South Pole.  
-   Then ask the Angels to place MARA on opposite sides of the Equator.  Watch and see what happens.  
-   Then draw FIRE DRAGON & MARA again to clear Earth's future - Earth's own dragons will help accomplish this.  Watch and see what happens. 
-   There are Black Dragons, who transform negativity into Light by consuming darkness. 
-   Remember to include the phrase, 'cause NO harm,' or 'in God's Divine Will,' when working with your Dragons or Earth's Dragons.

When I work with God's Angels and participate in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearings each week, 
oftentimes, the Angels ask me to draw and energize symbols.   It really helps if I work with someone, like Ramona Kirk, Maria Kopsidas or Claire Campbell, who is able to find what the Angels want cleared.   When the individual I am working with finds the darkness, I am able to see it.  (My agreement with God and God's Angels is that if I am able to see it, they are able to clear it.)  After the symbols are given to the Angels, we ask them to send the symbols to whatever requires healing.  Then we watch to see what happens.   When either myself or the individual I am working with picks up on what symbols or colors or energies are required, we 'hit the nail on the head,' and a LOT happens.  

Divinely Coded Colored Energies that contain the Divine Plan.
-   The Divinely Colored Codes containing the Divine Plan are coming in layers.  Thus far, the layers are White-Blue, Gold, Pink, Gold, Yellow, Gold,  Yellow-Green, Gold, White-Blue, Gold.
-   Each Golden layer is richer and more complete than the last.
-   Gold is the color that those who had Gifts of The Spirit saw when they asked Holy Spirit for information regarding the incredible changes that they were able to foresee coming to Earth.  This maybe why the New Age has been called 'The Golden Age of the Return of the Angels.'
-   If it feels right, in prayer or meditation, ask the Angels to bathe you in the Divinely Coded Colored Energies.  Watch and see what happens.
-   If you are one of the millions of people who participate in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, while you pray, meditate, chant, pray the rosary, send healing, et cetera, ask God's and Goddess' Angels to show you The Grand Design coming to Earth through these colors.  Feel and watch the changes happening on Earth, and in and around you.

Angelic Heavenly Metals may be called upon and given to God's Angels to use in the task set before you.  You might also energize symbols with Cho Ku Rays, give the symbols to God's Angels, ask them to fill the symbols with Angelic Heavenly Metals.   Then ask God's Angels to put the combined energies to the task at hand.

Angelic Molten Heavenly Platinum:  When God's Angels brought in Angelic Molten Platinum, they told Ramona that it was for reinforcement.  It is also a powerful Angelic healing element.  
Angelic Molten Heavenly Copper is a great conductor.  It keeps the energies moving.
-  Whenever the energy is dead still, it is an indication that something is off.

-  This is different from a Universal Pause or a calm peace.
Angelic Molten Heavenly Silver surrounds and loosens blockages during a healing session.  Angelic Molten Heavenly Silver is also protective and increases healing and psychic abilities.  Silver is the color of invisibility.  
Angelic Molten Heavenly Gold connects directly to Tera Mai Reiki and God's Golden Flame.  When a healee becomes hot during a healing session, God's Golden Flame is clearing and healing.  Angelic Molten Heavenly Gold may also be used for clearing, healing, protection and prosperity.  

Pacts with the devil are what Jesus refers to in the New Testament as 'the sins of the ancestors.'  

-   Thus, if your spouse, father or mother, or grandparent (going back 7 generations) has made a pact with the devil, you are carrying their sin.
-   These pacts may be easily released by a healer who is channeling Universal Healing Energy from God.
-   Anyone who comes from a country, such as India or countries in the Middle East, where black magic is commonly practiced, highly benefit from this release.
-  Call upon Thoth (the energies of Karma and Darma).   Karma is negative consequences for our actions so that we might learn.  Darma are positive rewards for being impeccable with our word and doing our best.

-   The 'Sins of the Ancestors' are pulled out by a healer who is channeling Universal Healing Energy from Source through the front Heart Chakra and then the back Heart Chakra.
-   When the 'sins of the ancestors' are released, the healer sends the energy down to Earth's central fire, or the Angels take it back to the original perpetrator.

Affirmations Help!
Popular affirmations that may be repeated over and over again:
-   I choose the Light, I am of the Light, I choose the Light, I am of the Light'I choose You, God!  I choose You, Goddess!  
-   I choose You, God / Goddess! I will to will Thy Will!  Please teach me to love as You Love!

Clearing you timeline helps to heal your present and future:
While the past cannot be changed, it can be healed.
-   Whenever somebody violates your Divine Gift of Freewill Choice, a crimp is made in your timeline.  This crimp adversely alters your future, and benefits theirs for the short term.  An extreme example of this would be people who use black magic to take things (physical and metaphysical) that are not theirs.  Another example would be people who steal your ideas and give the credit to themselves.  

-   Go into meditation and ask God's Angels to send Angelic Molten Heavenly Gold and Cobalt Blue through your time lines - past present and future.  Watch!  Whenever the Angels hit a knot or a wedge, simply ask for more Angelic Molten Heavenly Gold and Cobalt Blue.  Keep watching until the knot or wedge is released.  Keep watching!  Pray to God!  When all has been cleared, ask that He get you to where you are meant to be at  this time.   

-   Some black magicians have created whole false, dark worlds, which are now beginning to break apart.  Ramona Kirk was told that when these false, dark worlds are released from Earth, they go into the 'bottomless pit.'   Watch false realities dropping down into the bottomless pit.  

-   See yourself walking your new path on a beautiful, blue Earth.  

-   End by asking the Angels for more Angelic Molten Heavenly Gold and Cobalt Blue, and give thanks to those Angels who helped you. 

Clearing and sending gold into the future:     
Dear Kathleen,                  
     Thank you for passing on the clearing technique using fire dragon down the spine and mara on the soles of the feet. This last Wednesday, I did healing on a family member during the 8 o clock healing wave, and used this technique as I was guided to after mental healing and emotional release. 

     After I had drawn the symbols (FIRE DRAGON and MARA) I was guided to extend my phusical hands palms facing out exactly centrally above the persons spine and then reaching forward with my physical hands extend even further with my etheric hands. It was as if I was reaching into his future.  Then to push stuff aside - as when clearing ancestral Karma.   I got an image of the person's dragon, which needed clearing, which I then did.  I saw golden light flooding the future ahead of him.  

     I was wondering if this may help anyone else or if anyone else has had a similar thing?
     Love, light and heartfelt gratitude,
 Rachael Ingram

Clearing the past with the Angels of the Violet Fire

Guilt, mental & emotional garbage, regrets, heartaches, et cetera, remain with us until they are cleared and healed.  They can be seen in meditation as dark energies that trail behind us, come up our spines, over our heads, into the present and out in front of us and into the future.
To clear the past with the Violet Flame:
-  See yourself clearing in your mind.
-  Ask the Angels to show you any dark entrails that are a part of your past.  You will see these energies trailing behind you.   
-  Ask the Angels of the Violet Fire to bring Violet Flames of Transformation to burn and transform the energies of the past.
-  Watch and see what happens.
-  Keep breathing away thoughts in order to keep your mind quiet.  
-  As the Violet Flame and the Angels clear and heal, you will see the energies turn from black to white (or other beautiful colors).  And that pure colors are now trailing behind you, and coming up your spine and over your head, into your present and out into your future.

Ramona Kirk asks the Angels for Violet Scrubbing Bubbles.

Walking on the new, beautiful, blue Earth:
On August 8, 2012, during the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, a separation occurred between forces of darkness, and The Light of the dawning Golden Age of the Return of the Angels.

You may see this separation of The Light from the dark for yourself.  Go into meditation and ask God's Angels to show you the split.   On an etheric level you will see a beautiful blue Earth, then layers of gold, silver & platinum.  Moving away and downwards is a dark, gnarly earth.

If you walk in compassion and consciousness, you may sometimes feel unusual tingling in your lower legs.   You are beginning to connect to the beautiful, blue Earth.  

In meditation, ask the Angels to show you the beautiful blue Earth.   Then ask God's Angels to move you onto your  true path on the beautiful, blue  Earth.  You may ask questions.  Then simply wait and watch to see what happens. 

How and Why we do Clearings
             While clearings are taking place, I simply watch and/or feel the energy.   I also keep my mind quiet so that the Angels are able to communicate with me.  Sometimes, I am only asked to watch.  Other times, I am impressed to voice what they are doing, or ask for something they require to do their work.  Other times, I am asked to draw symbols and give them to the Angels to use, or call upon clearing and healing energies.  The Angels seem to be grateful whenever I ask questions.
          We, who have physical bodies are an important aspect of clearing and healing.  Why?  Because we have physical bodies, the Angels are able to ground or manifest higher vibrations through us whenever we pray, meditate or participate in higher Spiritual practices.   

While doing clearings, it is important to stay out of judgement, fear and worries by breathing negative energies away.  For example, on the evening of July 23, 2012, I heard a far-away, heavy voice from a large, dark entity say, 'We have to take her confidence away from her.'

           I turned to God and said, 'It's not me!  It's You, God!  It's You, Goddess, in Whom I have confidence in!  Please help!  Please do something!'  And my prayer was answered.
              Turned out that a lot of people had something happen that night, whereby they turned to God for help.
           On the morning of July 24,  Ramona Kirk received the message that a dark entity escaped from a dark realm between Heaven and Earth.  He had come to Earth to instill fear into myself and countless others.   By doing this, the dark entity broke Universal Laws, which allowed God and God's Angels to intervene.  The entire dark realm from which he came condensed into a small ball.  Then the entity along with his minions were all put into the lost universe.  Immediately, more darkness left Earth, and the energy on Earth lightened.  Dark beings in body  are having an increasingly difficult time dealing with the higher vibrations.
             After the dark realm and its contents left, I felt incredibly high energy coming to Earth.  Ramona was told that these were prayers coming to Earth from very High Beings.  People are now able to experience God / Goddess more fully in their lives, if they so choose.

Removing Demonic Implants . . . I did not believe in dark forces until . . .
Hi Kathleen,
     I just wanted to share this with you:  In the past, I read your emails about dark forces etc with real doubt.  I've dealt with 'ghosts' and negative energies, but I just couldn't accept that demons and so on existed.  Well, all that changed...

     About two years ago, a relative of mine got very sick - excruciating pain, fear and anxiety that got steadily worse.  At the start, I tuned in and saw terrible demons inhabiting body and attacking her - it was such a dark image that I couldn't completely trust it, and thought my imagination was running away with me.  I did send healing to her, but her condition got steadily worse and no one could understand why. 

     It has now emerged that my original 'vision' was accurate.  The family discovered that someone had hired a 'shaman' in South America to get rid of her.  Amongst other things, they had fashioned a doll to represent her, hammered nails into it, wrapped it in meat and buried it in the ground.  Incredible.  It took a good shaman instructing my relative's son to undertake many different ceremonies over many months to undo all this harm.  My relative is now completely well. 

     I've been forced to accept that such darkness really does exist, that it's available for bad-intentioned people to draw from - and that we must do all we can to eliminate it through love, which is infinitely more powerful. 
With best wishes,

Lucifer and his followers have broken all Universal Laws.  As the darkness is cleared through the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing and the ongoing Wednesday Night Wave we are able to see what they have done.   Then we are able to ask God and His Angels to remove it.
-   For example, very powerful demons have forced themselves into fetuses that resulted in the birth of demonic babies with very powerful natal astrology charts.
-  A time opening that  enabled demons to do this is the fact that souls of The Light come into the physical body with the first breath.  
-   Demons in body with stolen natal astrology charts are able to get into positions of power.  Their stolen natal astrology charts mask who they really are. 
-   We simply asked God and His Angels to remove all natal astrology charts that had been stolen.
          -   The stolen astrology charts were either removed completely or the connection has been loosened unremittingly.  
-   Life is about to get really interesting on Earth!
-   Demonic black 'X marks the spot' disk.  A second reason why demons were able to be born to  women, who did not want them, is because demons had placed a 'demonic baby implant' with a black 'X' into the back second chakra of many women.
-   We asked God and His Angels to remove these implants from all women who had them.  
          -  All of the disks were either removed completely or partially, or loosened for easy removal.
-   So, if you meditate and work with God and His Angels, 
-   You may meditate for yourself.  If the Angels show you any leftover residue, ask the Angels to remove it.  Or go to a healer who is channeling Universal Healing Energy from Source to remove anything that remains. 
-    Demonic black wedding band on ring finger.  
-   Many women and men who keep attracting the wrong person because they have a black wedding band on their ring finger.
-   We asked God and His Angels to remove these implants from everyone who had them.
          -  All of the bands were either removed completely or partially, or loosened for easy removal.
-  Again, you may meditate for yourself.  If the Angels show you any leftover residue, ask the Angels to remove it.  Or go to a healer who is channeling Universal Healing Energy from Source to remove anything that remains.
-  There may also be demons attached to the implants.  Simply ask God's Angels to surround them in cobalt blue and gold and send them down to Earth's central fire.  If they are to go elsewhere, the Angels will take care of it.
-   Animals may have the same or similar implants.  Simply work with God's Angels in the same way.
Demons, black magicians, and other evil doers actually have these same implants.
-   However, black implants (including the 'black demonic aging disk' that was discussed at the beginning of this subject, New Healing Techniques - God Designed Our Bodies to Regenerate) are imbedded into and are a part of the darkness that is part and parcel of who the demon or perpetrator of darkness and evil is.
-  The only way to begin removing dark, demonic implants from dark beings (in or out of body) is for the dark entity (in or out of body) to open his or her heart, and change the way he or she thinks.  
Demons do NOT have Pyramids of Light or Dragons.  
-   Black magicians and other 'evil doers' either have extremely weakened, shriveled dragons or no dragons at all. 
-  The only way for these individuals to get their dragons back is to open the heart and raise his or her consciousness.

It is possible to send healing energies ahead in time.  For example, on Friday, August 10, 2012, Ramona called me because something was again out-of-place.  Once again, demonic beings had broken Universal Laws.  This time, powerful dark energies and demons had been sent ahead in time through the time lines.  This 'future evil' was adversely affecting the present.   

This is what the Angels impressed upon me to do, and you may do the same to clear your timeline:  I energized symbols and asked the Angels to fill them with cobalt blue and gold.  I gave the symbols back to the Angels and asked them to multiply and intensify the colors, symbols and clearing energy times infinity to the 21st trillionth power and beyond.  As Ramona and I watched the Angels clearing the time lines, we both became very dizzy.   I asked the Angels what was happening.  

First, some background information:  There are very dark, contained places where the Angels take dark energies and beings that are released from Earth.   Some of these places are far away, others not-so far away.  
-   For example, when Angels are busy clearing a lot of darkness, it is sent to a 'holding cell,' which Ramona Kirk calls, Behind the Doors.  (This is a one-way door going in.)  
-   When the Angels remove Behind the Doors from Earth's atmosphere, they take it to a very far away place, and the 'holding cell' becomes what the Angels call a 'Celestial Prison Beyond the Stars.'  How lonely and hopeless sounding is that?  
-   But not as forlorn and pitiful as The Lost Universe, which is what Karina Hall calls a densely dark world, where other dark entities and dark energies are taken.  
-   There is also the dark, gnarly earth that other psychics and myself see.  This despondent world draws darkness to itself, and is in stark contrast to the beautiful blue Earth, which is the one going into The Golden Age of the Return of the Angels.  
-   Last, but not least, is the bottomless pit - a place where such things as damnations and curses are deposited.

The Angels answer to my question:   The Angels told us that there are other dark realms.  We were dizzy because all of the dark realms had begun a downwards shift.    At some point, all of the dark realms will condensed into a black ball.  When the collection process is complete, the door to where evil dwells will be closed.  Just as Jesus predicted!

Releasing Curses, which look like black spiderwebs on etheric planes.  

      On Tuesday, August 14, 2012, Ramona Kirk called me to say that on her walk, with her physical eyes, she was able to see a large, thick, black spiderweb in the shape of a dome over the entire town of  Boomville.  As we worked with the Angels to clear it, Ramona heard the word, 'damnation.'  She asked me what I thought that it meant.

       What came to me was that the black spiderweb was a curse put on the town.  Ramona felt that it had been done a very, very long time ago.  Black spiderwebs on the etheric planes represent curses or 'damnations,' or black/demonic enchantments, spells or rituals. 

       We asked the Angels to keep working on the dark spiderweb over Boonville, as well as other black spiderwebs around the world.

       While I was talking to Claire Campbell the following day, I told Claire what had happened and asked her to check to see how the Angels were coming.  As there was still clearing and healing to do, Claire and I worked with the Angels.

       Then it came to Claire that it would be highly beneficial for the two of us to ask that any 'damnations' that we uttered either maliciously or innocently in this or other lifetimes be released and burned.  We both did this, and from our hearts we told God that we were sorry. 

If you do this for yourself, you may pray, as Claire and I did.  And / or energize the HOSANNA symbols with CHO KU RAYs, give the symbols to God's Angels, and ask them to fill the symbols with clearing and healing energies, or the Angelic Metals.   Then open your heart and ask the Angels to send them to anyone whom you have innocently or maliciously cursed or harmed in this or any other lifetime.  Simply watch the symbols and see what happens. 
       While Claire and I were working, it came to me was that we allow ourselves to be open to evil whenever we curse anyone.  All curses lay as heavily upon us as the one we are cursing or damning.   When curses are released and burned, and we ask for forgiveness, a great burden is lifted.  
       Then Claire received the message, 'Words have power!  Be careful what you utter!'

Release fear, sorrow, anger and worries:  
-   Dark beings, both in and out of body, feed off of fear, anger and sadness.    
-   Send your righteous anger and the righteous anger in the world to God, and ask God to please do something.
-   Send outrageous anger, sadness, fear and worries down to the central fire for transformation.

Change is at hand!  Consider being a part of the solution.  
Read about it here:
I am not the only Tera Mai healer who sends healing to those who participate.

Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing  
The greater majority of people who participate in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing receive something, including Spiritual experiences.  Millions of people around the world pray for themselves, others and/or Earth.  Connecting with the group on Wednesday night at eight o'clock, has become a powerful time to pray.   If you would like to experience the healing energies of Tera Mai for yourself, you might consider joining in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.  It's been ongoing since August 2008.   Each week, the healings become more profound, revealing and effective.  

At 8:00 PM on Wednesday, (in whatever time zone you are in) simply ask God's Angels, 'Please connect me to the Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings.'
If 8:00 PM does not work out, start at the top of any hour on Wednesday and ask God's Angels, 'Please connect me to wherever the hour is 8:00 PM on Earth and the Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings.' 
During the week, people who are going through difficulties frequently ask God's Angels, 'Please connect me to the Wednesday Night Clearing Wave and the Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings.'  It works!

The Bible states that there are Gifts of The Spirit.  It's how they are used that is important.  God will no longer tolerate misuse of these Gifts.

Tera Mai Sakara (fire) comes from The Holy Spirit and is perfectly safe when the initiate is attuned according to the initiation standards that Buddha established, and the initiate does his or her best to be honest and strive for integrity.   It has been repeatedly demonstrated for over 20 years, that such individuals safely use healing energies of Tera Mai.  For example, these individuals can draw Cho Ku Rays all day in the palm of their hands and experience healing.

On the other hand, it states clearly in the Bible that any violation of The Holy Spirit is an unforgivable sin.  Allow me to repeat, fire comes from The Holy Spirit.  At some inevitable time, any violations of any Gift from The Holy Spirit leaves the individual exposed to the consequences.   That inescapable time is here!

Ramona Kirk was given this message by God's Angels:  Anyone who plays with fire will be burned.  In this instance playing means misusing the healing energies of Tera Mai Seichem (fire) for darkness or evil intent.   Anyone who has violated Tera Mai Seichem (which includes the fire of Sakara) will discover that fire energies will blister them.

If you don't believe this, for those who think that the rules do not apply to them, draw Cho Ku Ray in the palm of one hand and you will see a blister somewhere on that hand.  Typically, the blister will be near or on the ring finger.  This is interesting because when couples take their wedding vows, a ring on that same finger symbolizes their vows.  Technically,  receiving Tera Mai initiations from SOURCE is a vow to The God and The Goddess from Whom these healing energies come from.  

Ramona's Experiment with the Angels: Ramona Kirk asked the Angels' permission to experiment on a dark individual who frequently calls Ramona but has frequently attempted to 'undo' Ramona with her dark intentions.  So, the next time this individual called Ramona on the telephone, Ramona asked her if she could try an experiment.  The individual said that it was OK.

So, Ramona asked the individual to hold out the palm of one hand.  Then Ramona saw the individual's hand in her mind's eye and drew two CHO KU RAYs in the palm.  In a very short time, the individual yelped, 'What are you doing?'

Ramona answered, 'I am drawing CHO KU RAY.  Why do you ask?'

The individual responded, 'My hand is red and there is a blister on my ring finger.'

Ramona began clearing the symbols and energy off of the individual and said, 'I am pulling the CHO KU RAYs and energies off of you.'  And the individual's hand and ring finger returned to normal.

'It's Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been.' is the subtitle of Becoming a Shaman.  Within the book I state that it is a quote from Mary Ann Evans (pen name, George Elliot), and how Mary Ann Evan's spirit came to my Creative Writing Class in England and worked with my students.  Examples of students' writings are included in the book.  (available through Barnes & Noble)

The energies and knowledge represented by the Sphinx are Shamanistic in nature.  
The Jewish Essenes practiced what today we call Shamanism.  Jesus was a Jewish Essene.  

When the first Europeans arrived in America they were amazed at what some Native Shaman were able to do.  The most amazing Spiritual Gift was shapeshifting.  Some Shaman were able to retrieve things, they had command over the elements, and some had incredible abilities to self-heal.   Others, like Crazy Horse, had impenetrable protection under specific situations.

Some Shamans used healing energies in different ways than we do now.  For example, in some Shamanic healing practices toxicity could be observed leaving the physical body.  This cleansing might go on for days.  When the process was completed, the physical body was healed.

I have always felt that the energies of Tera Mai could be used for other Spiritual activities besides healing and intuition.  That is  because when I was young, when the Angels did healings, I never touched anyone.   I only watched and did as the Angels asked.

The ability to make profound, positive change through Shamanism is all about having the Spiritual Gifts to connect with and use Arcane Secrets & Wisdom that Moses gave to the Jewish Essenes, and the Wisdom of King Solomon.   

*  Moses had been a Prince of Egypt.  Therefore, Moses studied Ancient Wisdom and Secrets in the Egyptian Mystery School. 
*  Jesus was a Jewish Essene.  
*  After the Jews violated the Secrets and Wisdom that Moses had taught them, the Jews wandered the desert until the generations that violated Sacred Laws had passed on.  Afterwards, it was the Essenes who were given the authority to continue Spiritual Practices. 
 *  Besides the Celtic Wisewomen, who practiced what we call Shamanism today, the Jewish Essenes were also targeted for extermination in the not-so-Holy Roman Catholic Inquisition.

How can Arcane Secrets and the Wisdom of King Solomon have such a great influence on the world?  It does not take a majority to move Earth into the Golden Age.  For example, the millions of people who participate in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing each week are a very small percentage of the population.  Yet, much darkness has been removed from Earth's energy fields.  Vast  changes in the etheric are only just beginning to manifest in the physical.

It's NOT just about oil.  Every major war's ultimate goal (from Constantine, through the Catholic Church's so-called Holy War, through World War II and the Iraq War) was to control the Middle East.  Why?  Because there is a misunderstanding or an outright lie that states whoever controls the Middle East, controls the world.

It's NOT about real estate!  I said in my first book, Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing,  'He who controls Jerusalem controls the Middle East and the world,' is a  vulgar mistranslation, a gross misunderstanding, or an outright lie.  

It is about being connected to the same Spiritual Energies that Israel, Solomon, Jesus and others channeled.  That said, it is NOT about holding onto these Gifts, but allowing them to flow and allowing God / Goddess and Holy Spirit to guide us.

It's NOT God's goal that any one group or person be in control.  However, in the Age of Light, which we are inexorably moving to, what is of high value is being connected to God / Goddess and Gifts of the Spirit.  

Anyone may call upon nature in a Shamanic way.
The secret is to open your heart, and then pause in silence after each invocation.  
The Bible states that everything was created in God's Image.
It was the Greeks who named the elementals Salamanders, Undine, Gnomes and Silfs.

Example:  Call upon these energies of the Earth one by one.  Meditate in silence after each direction:
I call upon the higher vibrational energies of fire, the winds of the East, and the Salamanders of the Light. 
I call upon the higher vibrational energies of water, the winds of the South, and the Undine of the Light.
I call upon the higher vibrational energies of earth, the winds of the West, and the Undine of the Light.
I call upon the higher vibrational energies of air, the winds of the North and the Silfs of the Light.

My comments from questions & comments from my students regarding the To Release Cancer symbol:
-  It's a personal choice to print the symbol out from my website specifically on the link,, and put it on a crystal.  There is no commitment or cost involved.  

-  It is a personal choice to not draw this symbol or to draw the symbol as you wish.  Personally, I cone the fingers of both hands and start at the top of the circle.  
My right hand draws the circle clockwise and at the same time, my left hand draws the circle counterclockwise 3X.  I say, 'Release,' 3X while doing this, and end up back at the top of the circle.  My fingers drop down to catch the end of the hook.  My right hand begins drawing the right side of the swirls, while my left hand begins by drawing the left side of the swirls.  Then I retrace my steps so that I end up at the beginning of the curvilinear form.  I put CHO KU RAYS on either side of the symbol.  That it is:  CHO KU RAY,  TO RELEASE CANCER, CHO KU RAY.

-  Healing others:   Always ask for permission before drawing any symbol on anyone.
For difficult, persistent problems healers may be impressed by the Angels to empower this symbol with CHO KU RAYS and send it through the healee's timeline.  Ask the Angels to take all darkness that is released down to Earth's central fire.  (If it is to go elsewhere, the Angels will deal with it.)

-  Reminder:  As Tera-Mai healers we channel the healing energy but we do NOT promise any specific outcome or cure.  We do NOT prescribe or diagnose (unless you happen to be a trained health professional as well).  We do not advise people to give up their allopathic medical treatment.   In the UK and probably other countries as well it is illegal to diagnose or prescribe unless medically qualified.  It is also an offence to advertise treatments or remedies purporting cures for the following diseases: Bright's disease, CANCER, cataracts, diabetes, epilepsy, glaucoma, locomotor
 ataxia, paralysis and tuberculosis.
Anita O'Hagan, England

-  I have had people come to me with cancer to receive the healing energies of Tera Mai through the ancient art of hands-on healing.  Some people leave with the cancer - in these particular cases their relatives tell me that the Angels  helped the cancer victim to make an easy and peaceful transition into The Light.    There are also documented, witnessed cases of individuals who leave and are medically tested shortly thereafter, and told by the medical doctors that the cancer is gone.   In some cases the doctors attribute the healing to a term they call 'spontaneous healing.'   Other times, the doctors attribute the healing to something they have done.   

-  Use one crystal for the whole family?  Or does each family member have their own crystal?:  In my home I have printed out the symbol 4 times, and placed them on 4 different clear quartz crystals, which are in different places in my home.  I did not put anybody's name or intentions on the crystals.  Rather, I left it open.  Do or don't do whatever you feel is best.  

-  Does size of Crystal matter?:  It's not the size, of a crystal that matters.  Even small crystals maybe very powerful.

-  Colors?:    At this time (end of March 2013), God's Angels are using gold, silver and yellow to clear.  If it feels right for you to do so, use these colors and the symbol,
 TO RELEASE CANCER, during the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearings.   If it feels right to use other colors or other symbols, follow your gut. 

-  'It's clearer.  What happened?':   All of the energies of Tera  Mai went up this morning (Sunday, March  24).   That is why there is a positively noticeable effect in the healings your are doing.

-   Other symbols?:  Sometimes,  the RELEASE symbol on the cover of my book, Becoming a Shaman:  It's Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been, pops into my third eye while doing clearings.    This symbol may also be used with TO RELEASE CANCER.



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